My Actifit Report Card: July 26 2021

in Actifit2 months ago

A good day at work. In the evening i got a call from one of my friends, inviting me to his house to a small get together of friends. Since I had not meet them for long, I agreed.
Once I reached his place and meet them. We decided to go for a long walk in the park and then have a pub dinner. The walk was good. But I decided to not join for dinner and returned home. After reaching home, i checked the app. I was around 150 steps short to reach 10000. So I did the remaining steps indoor to reach 10000+ steps
This is the first time I have done 10000 steps, feels great and tiring 👍

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yessssssssss isn't is so awesome when the app shows you that you're SO close!!!
It's like - hey! I can do this! hahahaha
and in just a few minutes - you've reached your goal! :)
Nicely done on those 10k steps!!! And your pic of you and your friends is SWEET! You are all just glowing! hahahaha

Are they using actifit too???/ They should get their 10k steps in with you next time! hahahaha


@wil.metcalfe - did I do it right?!?!?!? LOLOL help!!!!!!!

Almosttttt! All you gotta do now is come back to the announcement post ( to drop the "⭕️" emoji along with a link back to this post down in the comments! 😉 (only because it was already "Targeted" by @Comet.Ranker! Otherwise it would be either a "❗️" or a "❓" emoji! Make sense?)

I'm trying to plant a flag with that post and use it as the meetUP point for all the excitement that follows! So Yes! The comments happen on peoples posts... BUUUUUUUUUUT the after party is on the original post! That's where we create the excitement!

Hope this makes sense @dreemsteem! 😁

hahahahahahahahahaha I'm sitting here laughing because I think i screwed it all up ROFLLLLLLLLLL

but wait - if this is to get some of the HIVE -then I want you to give it to other participants anyway! hahaha
I just want to do this to support you!!!

but let me figure out where I need to go anyway! cuz I want to get this right! LOL

@imfarhad is probably just sittin (stepin?) there wondering what the heck is happening here on his post! LMAO! 🤣

lots of love! hehehehe
lots of energy!
lots of stuff
hahahahaha :)

bahahahaha! EXACTLY! ❤️💛🖤💚💙💜

I was around 150 steps short to reach 10000. So I did the remaining steps indoor to reach 10000+ steps

Nowadays I often walk indoor because of the hot summer weather. Nowadays I live in a village in Hungary, and the current temperature here is 33 °C.

I give you some !PIZZA.

Greetings from Hungary!



@imfarhad! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @xplosive.

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This is the sort of day that you'll be glad you did three things...

  1. MetUP and renewed your friendships.
  2. Decided to go for a walk and logged 10,000+ steps in a day! 🙌
  3. Logged your report with @Actifit. This is a great way to curate your memories, activates, annnnnnnnd earn some crypto! NICE!

Hi Farhad!

I just wanted to do a little something to brighten your day as well as support your decision to cross into the realm of the 10,000 steps! Congratulations!!!

Did you know that if you make use of the #Win hashtag (so long as your 10,000 steps came before 10pm and include a screen captured proof of the @Actifit dApp) that you can earn an achievement badge (and UPvotes too!) from @AdventureReady?

I just thought that you might want to know... 😉

P.S. I'm Targeting this @Actifit Report with the @Comet.Ranker Service! Sooooooooooo! This is a BIG headsUP to everybody following that Initiative! Drop you comments down bellow and I'll be doubling back to rank the comments! ⭕️ ☄️

Normally I'm looking to rank the comments that are already present at the time of COMET IMPACT... but every now and then... I thought we should have some FUN!

Let the commenting begin all you all! HOLLA!!!! 🙌

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