My Actifit Report Card: February 24 2022

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I woke up early this morning, I took care of my chickens, one of my roosters was sick, he was not digesting food, so I told one of my cousins ​​to bring lemons, he brought lemons, then I went to the shop. From there I took gar and celery then I came back home then I took out a lemon juice and fed the rooster and then I mixed gar and celery and fed it to the rooster after that I and my elder brother Horse-drawn carriage and then we went to the village. When we reached the village, we had to harvest wheat there today because the government is passing a road from there and that road passes through our lands. The wheat crop was standing. We cut it so that we could feed our animals. I harvested wheat for a long time, then loaded a loader and my brother came home. After that I harvested some wheat and then I I loaded it on my horse cart and then I left for home. After traveling for a while I reached home. I opened the horse cart and then I ate lunch and I took care of my chickens, fed them and then I put my mobile on standby for a while, then I fell asleep for a while, then I woke up and saw that my rooster was sick. I took my cousin with us and we picked up the rooster and we left. We reached Mianwali. A teacher was not at home so we went to another place from there. I was treated and then left for home. After reaching home I fed my chickens medicine and then I ate dinner and after eating I fed my chickens and then I Went to relatives' house, sat there for a while and then when I came back home, I made a post, this is my day today.
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i am glad that you had made your post, but next time make sure to pass the 5000 steps to get upvoted by our bot and get rewarded for your effort

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