Helion: How to Innovate Fusion Tech Better Than Governments How Gove ...

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Helion: How to Innovate Fusion Tech Better Than Governments

How Governments Waste Taxes Money


Reminds me of a Story: A Working Ant was good at its job! A Lizard saw it working. It became its manager. The Grasshopper saw them & became the marketer. More animals joined. Eventually, the company got too big, they had to let go of someone. They fire the Ant. Their only worker!

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That is a good description of many of the things happening in the world.

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I can say for sure, this is how "EDUCATION" work in the area around me near where I live. I don't want to feel sad about it, but I can't not care!!


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The bigger the #organization the bigger the waste!!

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When governments with power to tax people and print money at will come together, there is no accountability. A large organization that is wasteful can end up dying. A government will merely get more oppressive until the entire county blows up.

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The sad thing: It doesn't have to be that way. There should be many ways for the government to be forced to be accountable for the power it has, but it's true that all civilizations ended up this way historically, even when they started okay.

"...there is no accountability."

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The only workable solutions I know are;

  1. Make sure governments don't have much power to begin with (a night watchman state)
  2. Embrace Anarcho-capitalism

Aside from some parts of cryptosphere, we have limited experience with large scale Anarcho-capitalism. Option 1 is the more practical option.

A night watchman state?

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I like this, but ideally, I would give them a bit more power than that...

The thing is, it needs to be a system where people in power can lose it at any moment systematically the moment they're proven to abuse it.


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