A Whole New World

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I was just reading how Walt Disney survived the 1918 flu pandemic. If he hadn't survived the world would have changed. No Mickey Mouse. No Disneyland. He wouldn't have been an FBI informant to Hoover making false communism accusations against his employees...


Some Walt Disney will survive this pandemic and will contribute to this world as well. :)

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It would be interesting to find out how amusement parks would of developed without Disneyland. I think it would eventually come out by someone else but I do think it would be delayed by a few years.

I think amusement parks would have been the same mostly. Walt Disney didn't invent the idea of an amusement park but he did have some interesting ideas in making the guest experience unique. Maybe someone else would have had similar ideas. That's one of the speculations about going back in time to change something. Are certain ideas inevitable?

Yes certain ideas are inevitable. For example if there was no Elon Musk, I think electric vehicles would be pushed back at least a year in development. I think there are definitely people who are ahead of their time pushing for the largest changes and this caused changes faster. However I do believe other people will approach that same idea eventually.

Keep in mind though that ideas don't exist in isolation. One person's idea can inspire someone else to do something. One person can improve on that other person's idea. A chain is formed. By putting an idea a few years back that potentially changes the identities behind ideas that come after that since they are also delayed.