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Here's How To Get 1 To 1 Beta Testing With Other Developers (Free)

  • Go To
  • Register
  • Test other dev's projects
  • Earn credits
  • Use credits for free testing
  • Build new connections

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That's interesting and simple too... I wonder why I never encountered a service like this before. (Maybe because Devs tend to only let their friends/community beta test their next project, huh?)

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It's a newly created website. It's my1st time coming across something similar too. Might even be a nice way to get people interested in Hive Dapps @chrisrice

What's the setup?

  • i.e. Will people beta test @dbuzz for free?

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You do a beta test for another dev and you get 1 dev to do a beta test DBuzz. The service is supposed to be free. Hope this helps :)

Ah okay, that makes sense!

  • Thank you 😊

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According to the frontpage of the website on the original post, you need to test other developers' projects first before they test yours. 🤨

Anyway, fixing existing bugs is much more important than finding hidden bugs. 😑

Thank you for clarifying @savvyplayer 😊

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Yeah, it can be a nice way to gauge developers interests in our apps.

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