Hive Basic Income Winner for ThreeTuneTuesday #54

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And the winner is...


Right, so I made a bit of a Booboo on Wednesday and actually listened the wrong songs, oh well, I fixed that by calling it Week 55 results, when I had meant to do Week 54 results! As I said in a comment on that post, jetlag and a 4am start and me posting late at night will do that to a man! Anyhow, here I am at last with the week 54 results. I am off work today and have some spare time to listen to the tunes.

Who will be the Three Tune Tuner of the week for week 54?

Who will pocket the 4 shares of HBi/SBI?

Read on to find out


As always thanks to the sponsors @blanchy @blackdaisyft and @por500bolos for matching my 1 share of SBI/HBI for the winner.

Three Tune What now?

Right, Ok, now for the benefit of new readers, every Tuesday I pick three songs, sometimes all three from the same artist, sometimes three tunes from a particular genre, other times three songs from a certain country - you get the idea. I've always asked others to get involved and over the past few weeks, that is exactly what's happened and we now have some ThreeTune regulars which is fantastic! The ask is to basically choose three songs to share. You can sing them or hum them or just pick three from an artist you love like I do, which is what most people do each week.

Here is a link to last week's post - at the end I said that I would pick someone who shared some decent tunes and give them a share in Hive basic income courtesy of me. Once again, we had some top class entries and new songs for our collective ears, which is class.

Here is this week's as well, sure I may as well give it a shameless plug!

Huge thanks to week 54's ThreeTuneTuesday devotees who are in no particular order @funshee @stevermac1966 @coquicoin @tengolotodo @princessbusayo @blanchy @sagesigma @riverflows @merit.ahama @wwwiebe for taking time to share their tunes with our community here on Hive.

That's 11 including myself which is double figures again and a nice number!

So, what's up for grabs?

Hive Basic Income.

Hive Basic what now?

Let me explain.....

Hive Basic Income

Again for the benefit of new readers, are you new to Hive? Are you struggling to get support on those first posts of yours? Have you come back to Hive recently and are struggling in a similar fashion? If so, I would advise you to keep an eye out for competitions that offer you Hive Basic Income shares. These give you guaranteed upvotes from @steembasicincome, @sbi1, @sbi2, @sbi3, @sbi4, @sbi5, @sbi6, @sbi7, @sbi8, @sbi9 etc and the more shares that you have the higher their upvotes. Simples...


It is a win win situation too for the person sharing the shares, as the person sharing them also gets a share of HBI for each one they share with someone else - what's not to like about this model. You get rewarded for being kind to someone else, in fact it is like a microcosm of what the Hive blockchain actually is from a curation perspective too.

The Tunes

Right so, speaking of tunes, let's get down to it...

@funshee had been following all of the great music here on Three Tune Tuesday for a few weeks before week 54, and finally decided to dip her own toes in the three tunes waters and brings us Pop songs from Julia Michaels, Justine Bieber and SIA. Great to have you joining and welcome to the gang!

@stevermac1966 also joins us for the first time and a big Three Tune welcome to you too man. He brings us three tunes from Tears for Fears, bringing us his secret shower song, the theme song from cult classic movie Donnie Darko and Shout a song I'm sure you're all familiar with.

@coquicoin brings us three tunes from Kevin Johansen an Argentinean man who found himself living in America, but missing his home greatly, a theme that I am well accustomed to as an Irishman. Kevin is an Irish name too and surprisingly I have never heard of him, I really like his vibes.

@tengolotodo brings us shear anarchy this week with tunes from the Sex Pistols, Sham 69 and billy Idol that would even get your Granny up for a dance, even if she is in heaven, they dance up there too you know.. I had included this in week 55 by accident also, so here it is again in it's rightful home in week 54!

@princessbusayo is with us again this week and is fast becoming a Three Tune regular. She brings us three songs this week that are a mix of being brave, dancing and wearing your best side out. I was unfamiliar with any of the songs shared, so something new for my ears.

@blanchy hits shuffle and we get three great tunes from his ever expanding catalogue of tunes, including a belter from 2007 that he was surprised that he never heard at the time, and only heard in the past few weeks. He also brings us a mad auld tune from Half Man Half Biscuit - now there's a band name for ya! Ha ha..

@sagesigma brings us a trio from a great band called New Order, who I was lucky enough to see live back in the day. Poor auld Sage was well Jeal when I told him. As per usual he doesn't pick the well known tunes like Blue Monday or True Faith, but rather unearths some lesser known tunes.

@riverflows brings us Three tunes and a brilliant back story about the tunes she picks, starting of with Patti Smith in her "Bare feet, faded jeans, white shirt, grey hair" firstly singing Nirvana's Nevermind classic Smells Like Teen Spirit, which she makes her own No easy feat and finishes with incredibly powerful song.

@merit.ahama Is loving Jennifer Lopez this week and brings us two tunes from her and also the most shared song in Three Tune History from Imagine Dragons, guess which song that is?

@wwwiebe is back some more of his nostalgic 78 rpm records, which are always interesting to listen to and are like taking a trip back in time to a time before Spotify, before CDs, before Tapes, Before Vinyls.

Right, grab your headphones - Here is a flavour of this week's tunes.

SIA - Unstoppable from @funshee

Tears For Fears - Mad World from @stevermac1966

New Order - Procession from @sagesigma

The Sunshine Underground - Borders from @blanchy

Chinese Man - I've Got That Tune from @ablaze

Sex Pistols - Anarchy In The U.K. from @tengolotodo

Kevin Johansen - Anoche Soñé Contigo from @coquicoin

Imagine Dragons - Believer from @merit.ahama

William Tell Overture Dawn from @wwwiebe

Jasmine Rae - When I Found You from @princessbusayo

Velvet Underground - Heroin from @riverflows

Honourable mentions this week go to @blanchy and @sagesigma but we can only have one winner and this week it is all about @coquicoin who brought us some quality tunes from Kevin Johansen. She takes the prize and is the Three Tune Tuner this week and recipient of 4 shares of SBI. Thanks again to @blanchy @por500bolos and @blackdaisyft for sponsoring the tunes and matching my 1 share of HBI.




The YouTube videos shared are not owned by me and I am simply sharing great music with the community here on Hive. I will happily remove any if requested by the content owner, but any clicks here are monetised by you on Youtube.

All images used here are my own.

Thanks again for taking part and don't forget to support each other and check out each other’s tunes if you can find the time. That's what TTT is all about. Hearing new music and supporting each others efforts

Peace Out




I was asking myself did I see well?? it is now week 54 and a few days ago it was week 55 :D

Ha ha... I was on holidays, so couldn't curate the winner as I hadn't enough time to read all the entries and listen to the tunes, so two sets of results in two days 👍

Great that you stopped by, it would be great to have you join us with some of your piano compositions or favourite songs some time

and now I am the one who is preparing for the holidays and a long road trip so I am a bit late with the response

thanks for the invitation, I see you are having fun, so yes, why not one day :)


Sounds amazing, where will the road trip take you?

Huh, where not hahaha

Starting from Spain, then driving through and staying in France and Italy and staying later in Serbia and Hungary. I will not be back soon hahaha

Oh wow!!!! That sounds fantastic 👌

Enjoy and try to post photos from all the stunning place that you encounter.

Thank you, I will enjoy and I guess I will post the adventures from the trip too. You know, there is no travel that went without adventures hahaha, the craziest was when our car broke in France, at 2 a.m., spent several days in hotels until the mechanics told us the car can't be repaired 🤣

Ok, this was not the craziest, there are plenty of other moments, but this is all part of life ;))

Woohoo Super Eli you are chanting everywhere @coquicoin 🎶🎵
Thanks for this @ablaze so many to listen now, I don't envy you trying to choose a winner!
I have missed the last couple of weeks but will try to get back on track and post on Tuesday.
Have a magical weekend people and well done to everyone who posts :)

Totally get it Ed, not always easy to find the time. Just join us when ya can. Well earned by Eli, she always brings quality tunes 👌

Thank you very much for my share ;)
Have a lovely evening!

Yeah Eli is a wee star:)
Enjoy your weekend😁

Hehe! Thank you, Super Ed! I had to learn my own chant since I have a friend who told me he would teach me his, and then he just blew me off 🤣🤣🤣

Have a magical weekend! 🤗

jaja I wonder who that was hahaha

Really? jaja


jaja no comment Super Eli!

Jaja! cualquier cosa que digas puede ser utilizada en tu contra 🤣🤣

jajaja eso es verdad 🤦

I saw some cool tunes above to add to my playlist😊😎.

Congratulations @coquicoin and thank you @ablaze for hosting this. Have a beautiful weekend at your end.

My pleasure and great to be getting more tunes for the playlist. Not sure if you're on Spotify, but if so check out the ttt playlist that @blackdaisyft updates from time to time when time allows.

I'm not on Spotify yet but I can check it out anyways


Hope you like it! It's a quite diverse playlist thanks to all #ttt posters 😍

Thank you very much! Happy weekend to you, too 😄

You are welcome ❤ enjoy your weekend as well.


🔈🔉🔊 🕺💃🎶 💿 🎶🕺💃 🔊🔉🔈

Stumbled upon your
fun post and had a blast listening
to everyone's tracks!

Congratulations on your win!

Wonderful!! Delighted that you found us @ninahaskin, we are here every Tuesday sharing tunes and every Wednesday we share the 4 HBI in prizes. You might even join us some week with a few tunes you like? But just having you listening along is great. Our little Three Tune Tuesday collective is growing by the week, which is mighty.

Thank you for the invitation and warm welcome! I bookmarked your post and now I only have to remember to return for Three Tune Tuesday🙅‍♀️📝💁‍♀️

Hello @ninahaskin, thank you very much!
I hope to see you one of these Tuesdays on the #ttt
Happy weekend 😊

Congratulations to all the winners this seem like a very fine contest. I would love to be part of it

Thanks, come and join us next week 👌

Hi, there!! Thank you very much for the HBI 😊 I'm really glad you liked the tunes.
This week I have been quite busy and couldn't join the ttt. But I hope to resume next week and listen to all the tunes from the posts I have not been able to visit.
I hope everything went well during the holidays.
Happy weekend!


Well earned.. I really enjoyed the tunes from Kevin.

This week I have been quite busy and couldn't join the ttt. But I hope to resume next week

No worries, just join us when you've time 👌

Double figures again!! #ttt is keeping strong and going 😁😁

Congratulations @coquicoin 😍 The HBI share already is on your way 😊

Sem Título.png

Excellent, good on ya @blackdaisyft 👍

Thank you very much, Daisy ♡ Have a lovely Sunday 😊😄

You're most welcome darling 😊 Happy Sunday for you too ❤️


Haha I thought something went wrong last week!!!

I missed @sagesigma with New Order, I was such a huge fan back in the day, along with Joy Division. I saw Peter Hook doing Unknown Pleasures live and the ego on him nearly turned me off old N.O. for good 😂

I've heard he has quite the ego; I've tried to stay away from interviews with him as he's a bit much at times.


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