Photochain Challenge: 62nd Edition Start - 61st Edition's Winners

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Hello World!

This is the 62nd Edition of the PhotoChain challenge. The PhotoChain Challenge is a blockchain-like photography contest. If you would like to know more about, read the PhotoChain Challenge INTRODUCTION Post on HIVE. There, I explain the functioning of the contest and how to participate. I changed the rules of the winner prize since the last edition.

In this post, I'll announce the 2 winners of the 61st Edition of the Contest. Within the next 48 hours, I'll reward both of them with 1 HIVE SBI - as explained in the rules - and will post in the comment section of the 61st EDITION the confirmation of transactions.

And the Winner is...

The 61st Edition counted 13 (Thirteen) valid participants...

The two Key-Subjects were:

Books and Hand

These are the 2 Winners of the 61st Edition:

Winner 1



with a perfect representation of a home's angle

The personal subject is Ribbon

Winner 2


with a - far away - daily life in a shop

The personal subject is Shop

As I promised, I will award the 2 winners with 1 HIVE token each, and I will award other 2 photos that I appreciated during the edition.

The first honorable mention:


by @olgavita

And the second honorable mention:


by @nineclaws


Thank you EVERYONE for participating in this week's contest!
@adinapoli @elizacheng @qwerrie @melinda010100 @gems.and.cookies @zottone44 @ireenchew @pavelsku @ailindigo @nineclaws @failingforwards @olgavita @trincowski

I also invite you in the new edition with all the Steem and Hive participants @qwerrie @melinda010100 @barbara-orenya @nelinoeva @isabelpena @iamraincrystal @bambuka @mauriciozoch @bucipuci @gingbabida @centenojesus @luigi-the-gnome @eii @dronegraphica @lifeskills-tv @whatisnew @redheadpei @wakeupkitty @libertycrypto27 @paradigm42 @daysiselena @calisay @viking-ventures @dkkarolien @tijntje @wongbraling @sonius94 @iampolite @pavelsku @sgbonus @lorennys @dreamingirwin @geyzee @jlgc @zhanavic69 @steemflow @trudeehunter @elizacheng @maddie30 @rafaelgreen @gems.and.cookies @pommom @pardinus @ripebanana @bold-n-italics @olgavita @tripode @zoricatech @friendlymoose @ainie.kashif @amandaj @lighteye @thebigsweed @almi @bluepluto @melbourneswest @joslud @ireenchew @brittandjosie @ninahaskin @zottone444 @yintercept @farm-mom

Prize for the next edition: 2 HIVE, 1 each winner of the current edition; & 2 Hive SBI, 1 each honorable mention of the edition they joined.



This is for EVERYONE on the Hive blockchain.


No required UPVOTE, REHIVE, FOLLOW or BID to participate.

I explained in the Introduction Post that everyone can participate by submitting his/her own photo in the comment section. The photo must contain the 2 Key-Subjects that will be communicated in each post of the New Edition and another key-subject of your choice (contained in the photo). I also explained there how the key-subject will change and the criteria with which I'll choose them.

Are you Ready?


This week's edition is the:

62nd Edition

The KEY-SUBJECTS for this week are:


One edition closed, another one is starting. This week a simple couple of key-subjects, complicated in some zones of the world for the not easy conditions, Sars-Cov2 based or not. But I have a lot of faith in you. So, another week,...



- -- --- STEPS --- -- -


  • The photo that contains the two Key-Subjects;
  • A Comment with the two Key-Subjects + another subject of your choice contained in the photo. (If you posted the image in your blog, you can post the link to that page, but you must add your photo anyway in the comment)

2) ONLY IF YOU WANT: mention another person you think would like this challenge.


4) WAIT FOR THE NEXT WEEK: time limit fixed to 3 hours before the Post Payout

I'll write a post for the weekly edition start, and I'll announce the Winners of the Previous Week Edition. There I'll communicate the 2 Key-Subjects.

If you have any doubt, follow the practical example in the Introduction Post. Furthermore, I add a practical example in the comment section of the Zero Edition Post and you can consult the previous edition to know more about how can the comments be.


  • One entry each participant


  • The duration of the contest: 7 days, from the start announcement post to 3 hours before the Post Payout Time.

  • GIFs are allowed only 1) if the duration is less or equal to 10 seconds; and 2) if the key-subjects remain in the foreground for the whole duration of the GIF.

  • Editing is allowed, but not creations such as graphic design: this is a PHOTOGRAPHY contest.

  • Every Color Cover is allowed, including Black and White.

  • Every Theme is allowed: no censorship except for extremely explicit content. The nsfw contents are allowed, but I will not utilize the nsfw tag for the PhotoChain Post: so, if I choose a nsfw photo as a winner, I will not insert it as an image in the official post (only as a mention or a link to the original post)

  • IMPORTANT: I invited the participants to use fairly large categories as subjects so as not to sabotage participation. You haven't to use proper names (of cities, places, mountains, species, etc)
    For example:
    Don't utilize the subject snow bear but only animals; naturally I will give more importance to the photo of an animal that is not often photographed compared to a simple domestic cat.
    REMEMBER! The more general the category used as a subject, the greater the participation in the competition, the greater the prizes in the future.

  • Finally, I'll advance with the prizes awarding 2 days approx after the finish of the weekly challenge. I'll write the transaction ID in the winners' announcements post. Excuse me for the delay I sometimes encounter in the transactions.


Reading more about it

photochain fund_ADDRESSES.jpg


Now it's your turn.


Transfers to the Winners & to Steembasicincome COMPLETED

The Winners:

Tx 01
To @kattycrochet

Tx 02
To @olgavita

And the Honorable Mentions:

Tx 03
1 Hive SBI
To @melinda010100

Tx 04
1 Hive SBI
To @elizacheng

Congratulations, and thank you to join in the contest! :)

Thank you! I'm putting together my next contest entry today! Mattress/Hat.

So good. I'll take a look soon A !LUV 1

Hi @melinda010100, you were just shared some LUV thanks to @davidesimoncini. :) Having at least 5 LUV in your wallet enables you to give up to 3 LUV per day, for free. See the LUV tokens in your wallet at or learn about LUV at

Thank you @davidesimoncini I'm so glad

To you :)

Thank you @davidesimoncini!

To you Olga :)

Hey there!

Congratulations to the winners. Here is my entry for this week: Red, Pink and Blue on Christmas

Here's a cute Shop with a Blue Ribbon on display, at the right side. 😊
My personal keyword is Christmas.

Links: Ecency / PeakD / Hive Blog
Tribes: PalNet / CreativeCoin



I managed to make this capture last summer at our countrysideplace. It is a little store near the pond, we used to cycle here with my baby to play in the sand, and I always had my camera with me. Was fascinated with this example of an advertising banner recycled (if you didnt notice yet: its an ad for the Lipton tea, haha! at least this banner delivered some use, working as an entrance barrier, letting in fresh air and stopping from getting in the flies and other unwelcomed customers). This banner cut into ribbons, or stripes... I guess the word 'stripes' fits it better, but 'ribbons' works too, as well. Hope you appreciated this little etude from the Russian countrylife!

We appreciated too much Qwerrie, and we leave a !BEER and a !WINE as a thank you present :)

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Hurray, I have found it, the picture with the two key words and here is my entry entry with my key word HAT:

what is your personal keyword?

Oh sorry - it is HAT. Will add now 🙂

super. this way it is far more cozy to interfere!

Yes, but it depends, you know 😁

depends... er... well, I actually prefer this challenge the way it was planned right from the start - no reblogs and separate posts, everything (entries + keywords) in the starting post, and no need to check other links. I admit it is less benefittable for participants in terms of posts/upvotes/rewards, but at least you can copypaste your entry from your post here fully, without forcing other participants to check your separate post. frankly, I'm at full-time job for now, and will divide my time between work, family, hobbies, and hive will be getting less and less of my time. 🧐 I 'd prefer to check and enjoy one post instead of exploring links to several post(s). thats the harsh truth - but truth! 😉🙏

I am really glad you've got the job, I believe you enjoy it. I have been at hospital with covid, luckily am recovering and have a lot of time for blogging. Нет худа без добра 🙃😐🙂

ох, дааа... нет худа без добра, и всякий инь уравновешивается своей янью :) (каждой твари по харе паре, как было сказано в веках). хорошо что вы выкарабкались без осложнений, надеюсь что ваши легкие не затронулись. а работа - ну, пока всё так хорошо что я даже пугаюсь что я чего то не замечаю. надо выдержать испытательный срок, и на самом деле научиться работать быстро - я привык медленно и хорошо (перфекционист недорезанный!) а тут надо бы много, умело соотнося качество и количество. ну, поживём-увидим. если пригожусь на работе и пущу там корешки, то и про книжки буду больше писать. В этом году наше издательство уже подготовило и выпустило новые оригинальные издания таких классических книг, как "Алиса" и "Таинственный сад". В общем, -- далеко не пустячное место.

Salve a tutti. Provo a partecipare con ... (Ribbon and Shop + Number)

what is your personal keyword?
and I dont see your picture here :/

I usually write my keyword only in the post, but now it's here too (in the comment). Greetings!

super! now its far more pleasurable.
ps. you've got a nice moment of streetlife captured. like like it!


ps. just posted my entry; I guess my 'door' may work perfectly with your 'numbers' in the next round. !ENGAGE 10 and cheers!

Thank you for your engagement on this post, you have recieved ENGAGE tokens.

Hello, it's my first participation in this challenge. Here is my entry. My personal key word is "matress*


what is your personal keyword?

My personal key word is "matress"

o-ooo! bizarre one ;)

Excuse me, What do you mean by that? Is it a wrong word?
Can I change it?

hmm - no! its totally ok word. but bizarre, strange, a bit unusual, I mean it is smth you dont see on the streets everyday... hehe. depending on a second possible keyword, it may create a hard pair to find out there. but lets see and look forward, dont change it :P

Very nice Katty. As I said in your post, thank you very much to join in :)

I like @pavelsku and @nineclaws entries most. a good block was produced. see you next week!

and the !BEER 🤡

I Hope having a !BEER also for you...and Hope seeing between the edition entries

Hey @qwerrie, here is a little bit of BEER from @davidesimoncini for you. Enjoy it!

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Thank you @qwerrie!

my pleasure! PS. just added my entry this round. 🧐

I just saw it! Cool and I like the story. 😄

Congratulations to the winners.

Wow, Ribbon and Shop - not a bad combination for the new challenge! Excellent choice, @davidesimoncini, and many thanks for the honourable mention. My congratulations to @ireenchew @Pavelsku and @nineclaws!

Thanks always to you Olga 😁

Thank you @olgavita!

ah peccato che questa volta non ho potuto partecipare ma complimenti ai vincitori della scorsa giornata @ireenchew e @pavelsku bravissimo !wine !BEER

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Congratulations to @ireenchew, @pavelsku, @olgavita! Thank you @davidesimoncini! I'm looking forward to entering another time. 😃

Thank you @nineclaws

You're welcome!

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