A nostalgic Beer Saturday

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Two More Saturdays

Day 21 of my Dry January and going well. I was out for a Gig on December 29th and that's the last time I had a drink

Dry January is something people in Ireland sometimes do after the festive season where there are many parties and nights out and this year I said I would give Dry January a go myself for the shits and giggles.

Rather than not take part in Beer Saturday though, I will hop aboard my delorean and engage the flux capacitor and go back to the future and find an old post about a good beer.

We'll also take a peek inside the fridge and see what's waiting.

Ok so let's take a look back to earlier in 2022 and Rye River Citra Extra Pale.

Rye River Citra Extra Pale





Beer and Food

Beer, Burrito, what more do you need. A great combo and I remember that it hit the spot.



What's In The Fridge?

Plenty of options left over from Christmas and I might add some more IPAs if I remember in the next ten days.


Join Us

Thanks to @detlev for this ongoing and excellent contest for beer lovers around the world. Why not join yourself? Just tell a story about beer with a few photos or drink a beer and tell us about it.

*The photos used throughout this post are all my own taken on my Samsung smart phone*

Sláinte and Peace out.

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Cheers! Luckily, we don't have a dry January here! 😎🍻

Ha ha, it hasn't been too bad actually, I have not really even been hugely tempted yet. One evening I went to the pub for a meal and a pint or two of Guinness would have been nice, but no harm to go without every now and then.

Never did do a dry January!
That Guinness will taste like Nectar once you open it!

Oh it absolutely will! Second time trying it, gave it a go in my twenties and I don't think I even managed two weeks! I think having kids makes it much easier, don't have too hectic a social life these days!

As the Rightful Heir to all the Isles, I @handofzara, King of the Isles do here by declare that henceforth Dry January is hereby forbidden as a direct insult to all the Sons of Erin and her Mother Scota!

Signed under Seal this the 21st Day of January in the Year of Our Lord 2023.

(I just thought I would let you know where I stand upon this issue. It's not like I am the King of All the Isles etc.)

Screenshot 2023-01-21 at 18-35-19 Robert the Bruce Meme Generator - Imgflip.png
Hey, I have heard rumors that the tomb of Scota is in County Kerry. Is this true or just interweb nonsense?

Hahaha, that was great craic to read!! Well the king of the isles has spoken, so I'm now off to the fridge to open all of these and fire them into a big bucket with a few straws!


Now that is a plan!

Citra is the hop I liked most in the Triple Hops of Duvel I compared till now. More about this soon in another episode of #BeerSaturday. This !BEER looks a little transparent to me?... Or is that only my perception?

Ya Citra is my top hop as well, always tasty.

Looking froward to read more !BEER posts from you

Hey @ablaze, here is a little bit of BEER from @svanbo for you. Enjoy it!

Do you want to win SOME BEER together with your friends and draw the BEERKING.