Classic Tower Bridge Photos

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The classic photos

Personally I think this photos are very pretty but there are many very similar photos circulating the Internet. I have said before that is nothing wrong with that but usually I prefer to try and look at the same subject with different eyes and a different point of You.

Would You be able to tell this photo was taken by me if You have seen it around?

But I guess People usually are more comfortable with what they already know and sometimes can't see beauty in any other way even if it is the exactly same subject.

People get uncomfortable with different and tend to not accept it or give it any value. Hopefully You enjoyed this more traditional photos and can make sense of what I meant. Don't be afraid to embrace what is different. You will be surprised.



Are my photos recognisable

There are many photographers that I follow that I know their work. No matter where I see one of their photos even before reading the name or description I know exactly who have captured that image.

Does that happen to You when You see one of my photos on Your feed or You have to look to the name and only that way You know it is one of my photos?

I am curious to know if I have some kind of signature already that I don't even notice about.


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