Abundance.Tribe's BiWeekly Question - "How has your energetic experience changed during this global pandemic"

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This question from @abundance.tribe has certainly gotten me to reflect about the change of my energetic experience during this global pandemic.

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I started my blogging on steem platform from 15 December 2017.

@education-hive is the main community that I am actively involved in before I arrived on the Hive platform.

After the lockdown, it has given me time to think about my existence on the platform.

I started to notice meaningful communities like @naturalmedicine, @ecotrain, @hodlcommunity, @project.hope, @hiveskate and @abundance.tribe.

I actually decided to delegate some of my HP to quite a number of Hive communities even when I may not directly benefit from these communities.
delegation communities.PNG

For each delegation that I made, it actually made me excited and energised.

By contributing to the different communities, I am being emotionally powered up as it felt good when I am able to contribute to wonderful initiatives that make the world a better place.

The joy that rises from within especially when I received appreciation for my little contribution without expecting anything in return.

Good deeds.jpg

In short, I get positively charged when I am able to contribute positively to the Hive communities during this global pandemic even when there are many negatives outside of the platform like people losing jobs and recession.

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Hmm... personally, over the past 2 months #steem and #hive is driving me straight up to the wall. I undelegated most of my projects, except #wherein since I'm still very actively using it to spam. I really don't feel much on the digital world other than frustration.

However, one good thing turnout this pandemic season, I kinda stopped smoking since I ran out of cig the 1st week of lockdown. LOL a bad habit that following me for more than 2 decade. I'm just glad it's not because of a terminal disease that makes me quit.

This is sad to hear that you are kind of giving up on Steem/Hive ! Maybe you did not find the right community for ya.

I can only cheer for you for stopping smoking ! I also stopped more than a month ago. I will have a drink in you honor tonight (didn't stop this haha)

Thanks buddy. The respect are mutual. As for the community, I decided to stick to minimal. I'm happy with #wherein currently, but I don't know how long can they stick with #steem.

I have not powerdown my HIVE, yet. But who knows, I may.

Yup, I understand...

Well I am trying to launch a community to prevent these things from happening haha if you feel like helping ;)


Delegations and trail following are more than welcome :D

Ah...now it explains why do I saw your vote when I wrote about crypto in #project.hope 🤣 I will talk to Piotr if I relief 50% trail for HODLcomm 🤣

We are having a tobacco writing challenge from Monday in @naturalmedicine.. looks like both you two could join in! We would love your responses. I gave up twenty years ago.. so glad I did.

There are many meaningful communities that aim to make the world a better place. I have just recently started writing crypto-related articles for @project.hope with 20% of post payout to its fund to help the lower income. @naturalmedicine, @ecotrain and @abundance.tribe have values to make the world a better place through online blockchain. As you are still working during Covid-19 at your office, you may just need to find a time to reflect and think. Maybe can even write an article for this contest like what I did.

It’s good to have a channel for expressing one’s thoughts!

Yes. You're right especially with all the negatives around due to Covid-19.

You've got some great delegations going out there, I might just change mine around to follow suit!

Your delegation will definitely be appreciated by the communities.

Thanks from the bottom of our hearts for supporting the naturalmedicine community. It means a lot.

I am glad you are finding #postivevibes on HIVE in this crazy time!

Thank you for coming by to give your comment. It is really good to support good communities.

Thank you for this response and for highlighting some of the the positive things that come out of the lockdown xx