My Entry for the Shadow Contest/SMASh Round #203: I saw a shadow on my daughter

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Hello friends of the Shadow Hunters community... how are you? Hope you have a nice weekend.

Good news from @melinda010100 that the Show Me A Shadow- Round 203 contest has started. For announcements and rules, please see the post:

This is my entry for Show Me A Shadow- Round 203:

Original photo by me






Shadow Photos of my little daughter

These are shadow photos of my little daughter. Her name is Hilya Tahira Putri. I took these photos just a few minutes ago. My daughter and I were looking for shadow photos outside the house for me to enter for a contest at Shadow Hunters. But apparently my daughter asked to be photographed too. I saw a shadow on my daughter. Immediately I was inspired to enter photos of my daughter's shadow in this Shadow Hunters contest 😁😁😁.

Thank you for supporting me all this time.

Thank to @melinda010100, @seckorama, @annephilbrick, @hive-179017, @eolianpariah and @olgavita

ModelInfinix S3
Original Picture@parung76
ThemeEntry for the Shadow Contest/SMASh Round #203

Thank You

Best Regard,



How sweet! She and her shadow are so cute! Thanks for the community support and thanks for entering the shadow contest again! ☀️

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Thank you @poshtoken

Very nice shadows of your's cute daughter you share with us. Thank you very much for your benefit, it will be used for growing our community, and for your participation in the Shadow hunters contest! 👏 😎

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