Blind Smartphone Camera Test 2022: Find The Most Suitable Camera for You

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The camera is one of the most thought about features when purchasing a smartphone. Most of this decision making is based on reviews and samples of images. Until now there was not way to compare the images taken under the same conditions and custom trailer the results to match your specific needs.

The Solution from MKBHD

This is a free tool made available to the community. MKBHD gets many smartphones for reviews. He has taken the same image using a large pool of popular smartphones and the audience can vote blindly.

3 Categories

You can select a category and go through the test. It will take at least 10 minutes per category. At the end of it, you can be sure that you will have results that cater specifically to your photography taste.

My Results (Standard)

I have been a fan of Asus Zenfone 9 and its previous iterations. I still did not expect it to come out on top. I was not even interest in Oppo flagships until I completed this test. I certainly hold this to be one of the most useful tools I have come across.

Bonus: Asus Zenfone 9 Review


It's really informative information. Its really good now a day only big problem is to knowing about camera in cell phone. Most phone company Show's in there commercial with good camera results but in reality it's opposite

Best of Luck finding the best smartphone for you!


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