Let Me Fangirl For A Bit... :) Here's My Latest LSS (Las Song Syndrome) + Love Rants

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I have been a fan of SB19 for several months now and I must say, they never fail to impress me. I will never get tired of saying how proud I am to these boys. It's the first Filipino group that I became a huge fan of.

The more I get to know these boys, the more I am amazed with their talent. Recently, they introduced this song to their channel, and since then, I have been listening to it. It's called "Love Goes". What attracts me even more is that their leader, Sejun, creates the lyrics to almost all of their songs. He is truly talented and a great writer. As a self-proclaimed writer myself, I can feel how he poured his heart on the lyrics, not only on this song but also all their other songs.

Love Goes is very catchy and the lyrics... they're wonderful!

"Love Goes"
[Stanza I]
We don't ever want to say goodbye
But love goes, love goes, love goes
There's no answer to the question "Why?"
Love goes, love goes, love goes

I've been to many places
And everywhere I go, I can see all the traces
The happiness written in both of our faces
Presume, embrace the fact that reality made this

And I hate this
Oh God! I hate this
Everytime I close my eyes
All I see is your face
I miss your kiss, the warmth, I'm in bliss
I feel the pain and it's insane
Help me! Won't you take this?

Ever since my love has gone away, away
Every single thing has turned to gray
Still I don't wanna say goodbye

'Cause I can still feel you
You took my heart with you
Now, I can't live without you
All I need is your love

Sometimes, it's really difficult to let go of someone... to let go of your feelings... and to let go of the past you once shared. We don't want to say goodbye, but we have to. And everything wouldn't be the same as before. Well, we can start anew, but there will always be times when we think of the memories. There will always be things and places which reminds you of that person and of that feeling.

However, despite saying all of those things, I don't believe in "I can't live without you." I guess it's too much to say because we were able to live well before we met that person, right? It might be different, but we can still go on living. Despite being a hopeless romantic, I am also a realist and I love to love myself... so maybe that's the reason why I think people who say that they can't live without the other person is stupid strange. (Sorry, just my honest opinion) I do use those words in poetry though, it's flowery and romantic, but sometimes... there are feelings which are better left in poetry and in song lyrics.

Okay... I'll end this rant here. See you again and please enjoy the video above! ^^


Ppop is leveling up. I love SB19.

True... proud A'TIN! <3