Footbattle Gameplay Update #5

in hive-177682 •  4 days ago 


This is #5 report on my personal footbattle game.

I am now at LVL 9 with overall squad 253.

My total fan 54032, gain fan by playing PVP mode.

As you can see, I join cup and league in PVP mode. Join and come later for the price.

New to footbattle?

Do you like football manager then this is, the different is it's on blockchain.

Want to get into game and play ... click on banner below

join now

First, you need to enter your team name, and choose country of your team.

After that, you may need to link your team to your ETH account using metamask.

To play league, you may need to verify phone number.

It's total free to play, but if you make team faster grow, youmay need to buy ingame stuff.

And .... you can sell your top player on OPENSEA and get real cash ...

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