Quick Giveaway # 21 : win a random reward card

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Hi Splinterlands lovers!

I am going for a quick Giveaway series and this is my 21th giveaway today.

I will give a random card to the first right answer to my question below. Answer in the comment section of this post.

Which one is the largest mana monster in fire section?

Please comment down below.

Remember, only the first right comment holder will get the prize.

Upvote, follow or reblog is not necessary but highly appreciated as it will help more players with their decks.

Yesterday @dexy50 has given the first right answer. So he is today's winner!

I have sent you a GOBLIN MECH!

And thank you again @gregory-f for the awesome support! :)

Stay well and keep playing!

Follow @mango-juice for more juice!

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Thanks for the card!