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Live your life to the fullest money will not make you happy for ever it might make some things easier but it will definitely not make you happy in the long run

To many people focus on being wealthy rather than being happy now that's messed up

I would rather be happy all day and every day rather than rich and wealthy

I've been broke before I've had it all now I'm just enjoying life with my family friends and loved one's

I know a lot of wealthy people and I also know a lot of people who are struggling to and of course I help out where I can but people need to help themselves

I'm living quite comfortable

I would say to everyone reading this focus on your happiness and the wealth will follow happiness is priceless

Think about this for a second how many millionaires and billionaires get to actually enjoy all the money they have earned a lot of them die before they get to actually enjoy it

We only get one life to live so enjoy life be happy with what you have and just remember anything is possible if you put your mind to it
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