Night bike ride ends in fireworks!

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I just finished a 18.729km bike ride that lasted about 0hh:53mm:42ss !


Another day complete alternating biking and riding. For Thursday, a bike ride was on the schedule. Once again, I completely miscalculated the time I had left in my day, and when I came back from the last doggie walk of the day after 9pm, I knew that would be a bike ride in darkness for the most part. At least, the temperature was much better by then. And indeed, after just a few miles, it was already fully dark. For that very reason, I decided on a local route on well known streets, but kept missing turns, or hitting construction. That means pretty much the entire route was improvised. Of course, I made sure to stay on bike/pedestrian lanes as much as possible. But even that was dangerous, because it's apparently the time many people choose to walk their pets. And a few crashes were avoided by a hair! Today I found my head light in case I get caught again, and start way too late.

Two good things though riding at that hour. First one: wildlife. The deer were out everywhere, at least a dozen along the way. Plenty of rabbits, a racoon, a few bats. I guess they also like to get out around that time.
And the second thing is that I ended up near home when the fireworks were starting. I was completely unaware it was supposed to be that day. So, I stopped for a few minutes, and watched the fireworks. Many people had the same idea, except they drove and parked along the streets.


For today, the plan is a run, but it seems the heat is back, so we'll see, I might go for another bike ride instead. It will be a last minute decision. Till then, keep Exhausting!

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