I found something cool inside m4l!/¡Encontre algo genial dentro de m4l!

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Esta tarde navegando por music4life vi en la esquina superior derecha un reproductor, le di click! y me sorprendido porque ¡Era una radio online! Y para mi sorpresa era música que me encantó. La recomiendo si vas a estar un buen rato con el pc y quieres descubrir música nueva. Fue espectacular. Buen trabajo al equipo de music4life. Por cierto, quiero compartirles mi progreso de Rising Star. ¡Hoy pude empezar la 4ª Misión: Busking With A License. Me dieron 233 Starbits. A continuación compartiré mis logros.

radio live.png

This afternoon browsing through music4life I saw a player in the upper right corner, I clicked it! and I was surprised because it was an online radio! And to my surprise it was music that I loved. I recommend it if you are going to spend a good time with the pc and want to discover new music. It was spectacular. Good job to the music4life team. By the way, I want to share with you my progress on Rising Star. Today I was able to start Mission 4: Busking With A License. They gave me 233 Starbits. Next I will share my achievements.

rising progreso 1.png

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