Rising Star: 2000 missions completed

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I have been playing Rising Star quite often and I have managed to get 2,000 missions completed. So I thought I would give an update on my progress in the game.

Current Status

rising star april 4th status.png
Above is my current in-game screen. I am likely my lucky legendary card from a pack opening.

Current Stats

My stats are quite inflated due to the legendary card I got from my 1,000 mission pack.

Fans: 9246
Luck: 2248
Skill: 16559
IM: 154
Ego: 12488 (678 from drunk fans and 3240 permanent ego)

2,000 Mission achievement and pack opening

I managed to reach the 2,000 mission achievement so I got a free pack.
rising star 2000 dairy.png
The pack ended giving me a rare guitar which will increase the number of skill points I get from music lessons so I think it is fairly good draw.

rising star 2000 card pack.png

Current Goals

My current goals in the game are:

  1. Starbit Millionaire card
  2. Level 75
  3. Top 102 for ranking rewards

My second goal is to get one million starbits so I can get 10k Starbits a day. The second goal is to reach level 75 so I can get my band members and also create my own music ingame. The last goal is to get my rankings high enough to get rewards everyday. Currently I am ranked 121 and I think my personal best so far was around rank 120.
rising star april 4th ranking.png

Tips (source)
I think the tips are something every player should know about. It will help people progress in the game and it hasn't really been shared since @surya1adiga stopped his giveaways.

  1. Take music lessons when possible to raise skill and reduce ego.
  2. Having lesson specific instruments helps in receiving more skill from that lesson.
  3. Have pizza box to store any pizza received during mission to reuse later.
  4. Buy cold pizza slice if possible. This gives 1 refill every 24hours. Comes very handy when you are low on energy.
  5. If you have enough of cold pizza slice and pizza box, you will never run out of energy.
  6. If you have more fans than skill and you want reduce the ego , you can use a storage trailer to store unnecessary cards. Or you can list the card in market for an unreasonably high price.
  7. Ego received for a particular mission increases every time you play it. The ego is reset to base level the next day. So, try to play different missions to control the ego gained.
  8. Keep track of your achievements to unlock in game rewards
  9. buy storage trailer (only if necessary) to keep the cards that might have a negative effect. Like a card with high fan count resulting in ego.
  10. When earning skill points through music lessons, you can earn more points per lesson if you hold more of specific instrument cards. There seems to be base skill which is rewarded irrespective of the card count and then the skill increases depending on the number of the lesson specific card one has.
  11. Try taking up many smaller missions to fill up pizza boxes and have extra energy to play more rewarding missions. But you need to have pizza boxes for this to work.

Thank you @jfang003 for sharing the tips.

Thanks for posting them when I first started. It was very helpful and I still refer people to your post from time to time.


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