VFT Lab Update and VIBES Deflation Strategy


Disclaimer: This post is not financial advice. It is for educational/ entertainment purposes. if you decide to follow my strategy you do so at your own risk.

With the VIBES deflation coming soon (I am not sure the exact date but I think it's about a week) I had to make a decision whether or not to take funds out of VFT lab to compensate for the difference. I have decided not to do that, but I also have stopped depositing VIBES for the past few days.

My curation account is still focused on building VIBES power, so what I have decided to do is send the VIBES I earn on this account from posts to my curation account and keep my VFT Lab pools as is. Once I increase my VIBES power by 25% on the curation account, I will resume my regular VFT Lab strategy.

So far at VFT labs I have been compounding 100%. I will switch to my main strategy starting this week. I will focus on hyper compounding and purchasing my first NFTs. If you guessed the first NFT I will buy is cannabis related- you are right :)

One feature I wish they would add is the ability to see daily earnings per pool. I think my LEO pool is performing the least in terms of distributions (I don't have much in that pool) but I can't tell what I am earning in each pool. That data could help me tweak my strategy but it's not super important. Eventually I will pull out of all pools except the VFT pool, but that is more of a second phase strategy and I have no idea yet when I will begin this phase. .

Fun times ahead.

Thanks for reading


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