My RisingStar Status Update - May 7, 2021

Hi fellow #risingstar fans!

Time for my weekly Rising Star update.





I've managed to go up about 1 1/2 levels since my last update. Now sitting just shy of level 52. My ranking has dropped a fair bit mostly due to fewer minutes played this week since I was off on vacation for the first part of the week and wasn't around my computer as much.


I'm working on getting to level 55, and as such, have been trying to get more experience by doing short Shopping Mall and Music lesson gigs. If I know I'm going to be away from the computer for awhile I will go ahead and do an Acoustic Tent gig. I also try to do an Acoustic Tent gig last thing at night so it can run while I'm sleeping. It is taking more and more exp to level each level, so my growth has certainly slowed down a bit. I may consider buying an XP card to try and get a bit of a boost.

Goal To Be A Millionaire

I've made good progress in my goal to be a millionaire. I am buying #starbits using the HBD I earn, and now have over 300,000. At this pace I should have my million by the end of the month. In the meantime I've been storing them in the VFTLab earning VFT which I'm then using to farm even more VFT. I figure I will have a nice bit of VFT to farm with by the time I pull out my starbits.



I've been running a daily giveaway under my @playbyhive account. Thanks to all who have been participating.

In addition, I'm starting to enter the giveaways the other players are running. Every little bit helps and it is exciting when you win. If you are interested in free Rising Star Rising Star giveaways, be sure to follow @mimismarttypants as she is scouring the chain finding as many Rising Star giveaways as she can and posts them daily in her blog.

Sending You All Good Vibrations

Thanks for reading! As I said, I plan to do a status update post about once a week, till then, keep getting those gigs in and earning those #starbits


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I am working towards the millionaire goal as well. I am not buying any though. I am going to try to earn it all. I am about a tenth of the way there. I think it is going to take me several months to get there.

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Being able to earn 10,000 starbits per day on 1,000,000 starbits is 1% daily, or 365% APR. It is a great return on investment. I like staking all my tokens and HIVE, but am selling my HBD to get there faster.

That sounds like a smart plan!

I'm sure you will reach it in a few months given your consistency in the game. I am conflicted if I should rush the last 30k bits.

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I'd do it if I was you. Every day you don't is 10,000 you could have earned.

Yea I decided to just buy the remaining 30k starbits. I might recoup my losses for buying high for a few days then use it on getting more cards.

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