STEEM Proposal System is Currently Defunct - The World is watching - Here is How You Can Help

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This is not due to any coding error. The error is with the community. On February 27th 2020 an account named @dev365 was created. The Steemit accounts are using this as their proxy for witness voting. Yesterday they did this:

Proposal #0 is the Return Proposal. Currently there is 88,078,839 SP voting for Return Proposal.The next higest vote is 27,462,139 SP for @yabapmatt for Steem Keychain Development.It took us months to create a Dash/Bishares inspired community funding mechanism and it has all stopped on it's tracks because of one unprofessional CEO who doesn't understand decentralization.

Don't Call For Decentralization - Act On It

Steemit only owns about 20% of STEEM. How is this a problem? Can't this "community" gather up more than 20% of its stakeholders? It's not impossible to pull off. I wrote about this when the sock puppets took over control and we did prove that STEEM is not under the control of one CEO.

  1. If you are voting for Return Proposal please remove your vote
  2. If you are not voting for SPS, please vote
  3. Spread the message
  4. Don't give up on action

You May Be On HIVE - But You Still Have SP

I'm sticking around STEEM for the time being and I support the good things that is left there. I have not initiated any power downs. Even if you are exiting STEEM, you still have a stake and it could have an impact. Keep pushing with your action instead of providing lip service. DPoS falls apart when the community doesn't act earnest.

A Reminder From The Past

The World is Watching and You Are on Blockchain

The actions you take are recorded and there are people who are watching at the drama and power struggles that are unfolding. @dan who pioneered STEEM is welcoming this situation as I am. A calm sea does not make great sailors. If it wasn't for 2008 crash and subsequent economic actions of centralized institutions, Bitcoin might not have taken off. We need The Justin Sun to become more Antifragile. You can leave STEEM all you want. But it's not a lot of trouble to drop some votes.

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I am on Steem and I will try to do what I can. I voted for witnesses. I may vote for proposals.

Thank You!

So block brothers on the 'tron side' now?