Use Time Or Money To Generate Money

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Everyone has 24 hours daily. Some of us use more time to earn more money to cope with our daily expenses as well as saving a bit of money monthly.

Using more time to earn more money while we are spending more money because we are making more money will be a repeated cycle.

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We may often face with not having enough even when we are earning more than the past.

Some older generations will tell us to spend less so that we can save more. There is certain truth to this but spending less to save more from our fixed salary will never make us rich.

Rich people who use their money to make more money without putting too much effort will become richer.

By knowing which stock to invest, a rich man can instantly earn the annual salary of a high paying employee.

In this age of technology, getting rich by working hard is getting hard to accomplish.

One of the many ways that we do not need to invest to accumulate wealth is using technology that allows us to build a business without even investing much.

Online stores that require us to do an initial setup. We can leave everything to automation can lead to a good profit with good initial marketing to build our reputation.

I must say that Hive is my additional future income. By investing both my time and money on Hive, I can create passive income actually.

With a big account in future, I can simply curate posts without spending time to create my own articles. This can be a passive income especially if we can get our own curators to curate and we do not even need to do the job.

When we can earn money with less effort and time, we can generate more income.

When we can earn more than we can spend, our wealth naturally increase.

Taking our limited time to work really hard at our day job by working overtime can never make us rich.

We need to spend less time and earn more money to get rich or accumulate enough for our future retirement.

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Disclaimer: This is my personal reflection and I am not in any position to instruct anyone what they should do. I am not responsible for any action taken as a result of this post. My post can only be a reference for your further research and growth.

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HIVE is amazing platform, I now spend my time to invest because I don't have much cash to power up.

It is possible to build up your account slowly using your time as your investment. All the best!😄