Earning ROR tokens by playing ROR games on mobile

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I am quite excited to share this as I have just found out that I have earned ROR tokens simply by playing the ranking games in ROR mobile game.

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I have been playing about a month now for this ROR game and it is supposed to reward top players with ROR tokens.

The mobile app had this reward system but there is no updates and I waited to see when I would get the ROR tokens.

I thought that I was missed out on the ROR token rewards and almost wanted to question the ROR team about this.

I went into the ROR discord and saw one of the messages about ROR tokens been paid directly into our Hoo exchange account.

I went into my Hoo Exchange account and I was glad to find out that I have received 2800 ROR tokens that are currently worth about US$5. It may not be much but it is still free money actually so it is quite cool to get the tokens.

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We can download the ROR mobile app for free at our google play store on our mobile phone.

Before we can play the ranking games, we need to get the gaming tokens called DIA.

I actually purchased some game tokens(DIA) to play the ranking games.

I found out later that there is a free way to earn the DIA tokens by watching some ads so you do not need to spend a single cent actually.


After we start on the ranking games, there would be free DIA awarded to us every time we play the ranking games the next day so we do not really need to watch the ads unless we have used up our DIA.

Below are the free DIA that I received for playing the ranking games yesterday.


DIA is only needed when we want to play the ranking games.

We can play any games anytime without DIA when we are not participating in the ranking games. Just simply click the ‘Start Game’ instead of ‘Rank Game’.


ROR games are really simple and short games that do not need us to spend too much time playing.

I played the game called Dot Turn today and gained 2nd in position.


These games are like arcade games that we play just for short sessions so they are not progressive games.


Nice to kill time when we are on the public transport system by playing short games.

To get the ROR tokens by playing the games, we need to have a Hoo exchange account.

The email that we register for ROR game and the email for Hoo exchange must be the same so that we can get the ROR tokens directly sent to our Hoo exchange account.

Earning free ROR tokens can always be used to power up our Hive account if we are not planning for other uses.

I remember that ROR tokens are only sent out every two weeks so we would not see any ROR tokens in our Hoo account so soon when we start playing the games.

If you are planning to give ROR games a try, get an exchange account from Hoo Exchange to have a chance to earn some cool ROR tokens.

Click here to get an account for Hoo Exchange

This post is just to share about the cool ROR tokens that I have received so I am not encouraging anyone to download the game unless you are interested.

I am not responsible if you do not get the ROR tokens for playing the ROR games since it does depend on your ranking for your games as well as whether you remember to register both the game account and hoo exchange account using the same email address.

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Disclaimer: This is my personal reflection and I am not in any position to instruct anyone what they should do. I am not responsible for any action taken as a result of this post. My post can only be a reference for your further research and growth. Images were taken from my ROR mobile game application.

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I was opportuned to know about this app called ROR through steemhunt. The games in it are simple and east to play. You just draw my interest back to it, might be testing it anytime soon.

There are many games within the app so anyone can find a game that they like. We can have a chance to get ROR tokens too so quite cool!

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Thank you very much for your curation.