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RE: Seeking Adventurers | LMAC Collage FreeStyle No. 40

You capture the sense of your blog very well in the collage. What is that young girl thinking? Is she longing to go on the adventure? Or is she wondering, as you wonder, why would someone do that?

Personally, I separate adventure from risk taking. Every adventure has the element of risk, because we are going into the unknown, but there are some activities that are not about discovering but about adrenaline. I'll go for discovery, but don't understand why someone would want that rush of adrenaline in risk that takes them nowhere. My adrenaline rushes quite easily without provocation 😁

Thanks for using LIL images @justclickindiva. Your freestyles are always interesting (as are all your collages.)

Hope you are well. 🌼


Yes, you are correct. There is always a risk when undertaking any adventure. I like to explore, but in a safe environment that seeks to minimize risks. I found out there are caverns in my area, but I have yet to muster the nerve to to visit, even though I love to read about caves. For thrillseekers, that is another activity for the truly adrenaline purposes. Is the risk worth the discovery? Only they can decide.

I love the image your contributed of the girl sitting on the log. Yes, she is considering whether to answer the call. But I have a feeling she will remain there, content.

Each person has to decide what type of adventure they seek. I applaud all who decide to. If it were not for the risk takers and true adventurers, the world would not have ventured to the moon.

When I think of my own parents, decades ago, they left one state to move to another. No family, friends, jobs, or resources. For whatever circumstances, they took the risk.

Thanks for your visit, lovely compliment, and support. I appreciate it.


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