Thanks For The Memories (an original poetry)

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Thanks For The Memories

I forgot how my heart used to beat when I hear your name
Does it mean I'm finally fed up of this awful game?
This infamous game where I think of you and you do not
Leaving my poor and stubborn little heart to rot

It took me years to surrender and at last give up
If it were a competition, I'd definitely be on top
Hoping that one day my waiting would bear fruit
But ended up with you pulling me up by the root

Well, it doesn't really matter for life goes on
The world won't cease turning just coz you're gone
My world was merry even before we met
The same peace I know I'd positively get

I still wish you the best and for your happiness
May you not experience the same loneliness
Coz in the end, I just couldn't deny
You've given me joy and became someone I rely



Cue in "You've Made Me Stronger" song by Regine Velasquez :)