SADNESS (an original poetry)

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What makes you sad?
This is the topic that we are to talk about in the 28th day of the 30-Day Blogging challenge. The challenge is about to end for me and it's making me sad. Seriously though, I want to answer this question through a poem that I made just a few minutes ago. It's past 1AM from where I am, so it's technically a new day to post. :) Here it goes...


It's an emotion we tend to hide
To escape some questions, we say "I'm fine"
But deep inside we're about to explode
Hoping it'll somehow lighten this heavy load

People tend to wear a mask; a facade
To conceal the fact that, indeed, they're sad
Isn't it harder for you to bury the truth
Especially when you're hurting through and through

It's excruciating for me to see you sad
But bottling up your feelings won't make me glad
I'd rather you trust me and share what's wrong
Than painfully pretending that you are strong

Another thing that makes me blue
Is gradually being away from you
Physically? No! It's not what you suspect
It's when my heart and yours slowly disconnect

Sadness, for me, is like the deep ocean
We can drown in this tortuous emotion
But let me tell you, that's not the only choice
We can learn to swim until we can finally rejoice!


I value the people around me, especially those who are dear to me. So it pains me when I see them sad. However, instead of bottling up their emotions and pretending they're OK, I want them to rely on me. I may not be helpful enough to erase all their sadness, but I could at least carry a part of their load.

I feel sad when the people I care for keep to themselves, especially when they are hurting. I want to share not only the happy times, but most importantly the sad times... I know it might be weird to think that way. But I'm somehow like that. When my friends are enjoying the time of their life, I feel happy for them and just let them be. But when they're feeling that their world is crumbling down, I want them to know that I am here.

This situation was difficult for me at first. There was a time when one of my special people texted me how depressed he is and he started questioning his worth, his existence... I panicked! I cried and didn't know what to do. But I realized that this is the best time to offer a shoulder to lean on, I braved the storm and swam the ocean with him. Now, he is happily enjoying his life and I couldn't be happier! Though there are times when I still worry about him, but at least he's aware that he's not alone. (He's a close relative, btw.)

I'm feeling emotional, so let me end here. I still have to work later. Working on a weekend it is! See you and have a great one! ^^

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Depression is real.
But I'm glad that your close relative is enjoying his life now.

Oo te... kuyawan jud q ato nga time pero that was around 3 years ago... OK nman pd siya rn, pero naa japon tendency if naai big problems sa life...

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It's hard to see someone we care about go through depression. For him to know that he is not alone is reassuring.

That's true... but it's harder when they're suddenly gone and we didn't even know what they were going through. :) Let's always remind people that they're never alone. <3