My Definition Of Happiness (^^,)/

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Happiness is subjective.

I don't think there is an exact definition of the word, because every person's happiness is unique. What makes me happy, might not make you and other people feel the same way. :)

It's Day 27 of the 30-Day Blogging Challenge which I started almost a month ago. And for today's topic is to talk about something that makes you happy.

It's very easy to make me happy. I feel very appreciative even with the simplest things. Here are some things that makes me happy.


As I have mentioned in my post for DAY 22, I am very grateful for the gift of life. Being able to wake up each day is reason enough to be happy. Yesterday might not have been great, but since you're able to wake up, you have the chance to make it better. If yesterday was great, you'd get the chance to experience pure bliss once again.

I feel happy every time I wake up each day because I am given the chance to experience the beauty of life once again. Yes, beauty includes all the positive things and the negative ones. :) I truly believe that negative things in life can improve our views on the positive things. :)


Happiness is being with the people you love. I have written something about the people who are special to me on my DAY 21 post. Whenever I spend time with these people, I feel so happy and blessed. I enjoy doing simple things with my them, like chatting over meals, playing something together... or even doing nothing.

I am the type of person who feels happy simply by seeing the people that I love happy. I want to cheer for them and celebrate with them. Their happiness is my happiness.

My mama sometimes tells me not to be too selfless... that I should also think of myself and my own happiness. However, when it comes to my loved ones, especially my parents, I am ready to give my all. They are my happiness, so I want to prioritize them. <3

No need to worry though, because I also love myself and the next reason to be happy is more personal. lol


Here's an artwork I made three years ago. :)

Being able to do the things that I love to do makes me happy. As in the artwork above, I love anime and it's reason enough for me to be happy. When I feel sad, I escape reality and transport myself to the anime world.

Drowning myself in creating artworks also makes me happy. When I focus on drawing, I forget everything. It helps me cleanse my mind and I feel light and elated.

Despite my busy schedule, I always try to find time to do my hobbies. I consider them as gifts to myself. It's my me-time where no one can disturb me and I can just be me. And being able to be myself is another reason to be happy. See? They all connect! <3


In this world full of secrets, lies and societal standards, sometimes, people tend to be someone who other people see them as they are... and I don't like that. Of course, we can't escape from all these standards and judgment... we can't runaway from the eyes of people. Well, I personally don't care as long as there are those who accept me as I am.

My life has been an open book, at least to the people around me. I'm just so lucky that my parents and my friends accept me for who I truly am. I don't like pretending to be someone else just to please others. If you don't like me, it's your right... just don't force me to change.

I know myself better than anyone else, so even if there are criticism at times, I wouldn't really care. Don't worry though, because I know how to think and consider... if I am in the wrong, I don't impose and I admit my mistakes. However, if I know that I am correct, then there's no changing me. lol

I have lost "friends" along the way because of this, but what matters most are the people who stayed. I am happy with the people surrounding me now because they accept me for who I am. I am not perfect, I will never be... but I'll do my best to be the best version of me.

I'm almost at my goal of completing this challenge! (YAY! That's another reason to be happy!) Thanks a lot for checking this post out. I'll see you tomorrow for Day 28. Have a fantastic day friends! (^^,)/

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I would say you've defined happiness very well. Being around stimulating and positive people is so important.

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"What matters most are the people who stayed. I am happy with the people surrounding me now because they accept me for who I am."

I believe in that too. Losing friends on the way is sadly inevitable as we grow and change. Happiness is being surrounded by people we love. I'm now off to check your post on sadness.

Exactly! :) We can't force everyone to stay... ^^ Thank you! :D