DeFi is The Way to Prevent Gini 1.0

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Looking back on this now stale meme from a few weeks ago, it appears that we missed a wave or two. While I still think that the blue wave and the green wave are coming (and sooner rather than later), my sense is that some important changes are gonna happen soon before we even get too deep into the inevitable recession to come.


I mean, that was one weekend for the ages in America, wasn’t it?

SpaceX sent a couple old white dudes into space.

Many earthbound Americans went out into the streets for the first time in 2 months to protest.

It's understandable that there was a lot of pent-up energy out there. Much of America has been cooped up inside for the better part of a quarter-year. The standard outlet for working class rage - sports - has been dormant for the first time in maybe ever. We've had some work stoppages in a professional league here and there. I'm still bitter about that 1994 World Series! But we've never had all sports all over the world cancelled until further notice like this.

People, and probably most importantly the "media," need their Spectacle. And, by Jove, they shall have it!

Now I’m getting on close to being an old white dude myself, and nothing is worse than a white dude trying to talk about racism. It’s kinda like a man trying to talk about the pain of giving birth. So I’ll shut up.

But I will say this.

At the root of these protests all across the world lies one common enemy we all share. It’s the growing specter of wealth inequality. That is not something new with these George Floyd protests. That is the underlying reason for social unrest in France, Hong Kong, Thailand, Turkey, Brazil... the list is long. Heck, even before the coronavirus, pundits were predicting that 40% of countries in the world would see some form of social unrest.


Gini coefficients are on the rise everywhere. In many countries, the young generation is unable to exceed the success of their father’s generation. As much as they work hard and scrimp & save, they are doomed to fail. That lies at the heart of many frustrations.

You wanna help? Solve that.

That’s why I’m into decentralized finance (DeFi):

It’s one path I see out of this Gini World.

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