Looking for a Microblogging Dapp?

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Do You Love Microblogging

We keep checking our phones and social networks many times a day, sharing pictures, comments, funny stories. Many times it is just a quick remark.

Have been for a while looking for a community and a platform based on blockchain and decentralised to do it.

And now I found it. Rebuzz is the place where I share all of that with everyone. I would Love to have You there with me. If You want to come and join me please do.

Click here to Join Rebuzz and send me a friend request, I'll be waiting for You.



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Why this? We have HIVE lol.

You're not wrong. But here people don't really reward a lot microblogging type of content. And usually I am not a long format blogger. And as You can see by my rewards I don't get a lot of support in the type of content I do. Don't take me wrong. I love HIVE and I wouldn't go anywhere. The community is amazing and I love what's going on in here. I just feel a lot of times is that what I do is not what people are looking for in here. 😵