Amphan Super Cyclone snatched 84 lives, over thousands injured in West Bengal, India

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Hello readers,

I hope you all and well and protecting yourselves from the deadly Coronavirus. But we, the residents of West Bengal state, India just have survived another major threat. On 20th May 2020 we have faced the biggest and deadliest cyclone we have ever seen. Already over 84 people are dead and over hundreds are injured due to the unforgettable natural disaster.

West Bengal is the second most populated state of India with 90.3 million inhabitants. The lower part of our state Mets with Digha sea beach and then with the Bay of Bengal. Normally, at monsoon, we do get struck by mild storms and cyclons but have never faced something this much bigger, as long as last 20-25 years.


As you can see the pictures, millions of big trees were uprooted from all places of the state also including electric polls and analogue phone lines. Thousands of mobile towers got down, even after 3 days, only some of them were being restored. Over a million houses were badly affected by the Storm, most of them are now not inhabitable. Small, clay made buildings are even crushed to the ground. Most of the house owners are now homeless, spending nights at Storm Shelter homes or in the tents. Millions of people still have no power, mobile signals and water.





As of the latest news, over 80 people got killed by this storm in our states and near thousands are injured. This was so powerful a tropical cyclone that it even displaced multistoried buildings with its blow. It went to it's highest speed at 160 MPH. The districts that have been most affected are Kolkata, Hoogly, Howrah, East and West Midnapur, North and South 24 Parganas. I live in West Midnapur and experienced the storm first hand.

Kolkata, the City of joy also was unable to save himself from the culprit. As per Govt, Official, at least 18 people have died in the city at the Strom and over hundreds are badly injured. The whole city is fighting back to stand up on its own with both the help of Central and State Govt.


In this post, all the pictures are clicked in Jadavpur, Kolkata and you can experience the devasting state it is facing now. Most roads are blocks by several giant trees and electric poles uprooted onto roads or houses. The heavy rain for that whole day made the roads into ponds hence taking so much time to things getting back in track again. Train and fights are already on lockdown because of coronavirus and very few people were on roads that day. Moreover, the govt. alerted by all media sources to stay inside strong buildings or seek shelter in govt. storm shelters near the beach area. But still, we lost so many lives and a tremendous amount of monetary loss as well.





Today, Prime Minister Narendra Modi came to meet our Chief Minister Mamata Banarjee and together they inspected the whole state by choppers along with some state and central ministers. After the meeting, PM Modi announced a first release package of 10 billion INR to aid the victims first and also told about further aids to keep the state back to track as soon as possible.


I hope we overcome this ASAP. The whole state is mourning for such unbearable loss they have just faced. The roads will get functional again, the power will light up and the phone will ring again as usual. But the dear ones those are no more with us for this terrible incident, won't come back.



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