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Hello friends here is today's bitcoin price it's looking good today if it keeps going this way it should be way over 10k by the weekend but anything can happen in this game that's why the best advice I could give is buy in cheap and sell high but always try and hold something because you never know when the prices are going to pump and anything if a investment seems to good to be true don't risk it I lot of people who have money will give money away to make others invest when they believe it's real so be very careful what you invest in do proper research and again please remember to only invest what you can afford to lose
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Thanks for reading and viewing this post I hope you found it useful I'm not no sort of financial advisor this is just my opinion and personal thoughts I do try my best to do daily updates some days I just have not got the time but I do try my best if there is any prices I'm not covering and you would like me to cover just comment below

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