Let's Play - Episode 8: Just Cause 2 - The Reaper's mission: Ups and Downs

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Welcome back, readers! This was quite an easy mission completing it within minutes. A Hamaya GSY motorcycle was placed beside him and he gatecrashed the entrance of the base.

A short distance away to the military base

Going through the military base

Discovered a new location

While I was riding a motorcycle and at the same time dodging bullets, Bolo Santosi blurted.

Bolo Santosi: There it is. If you make use of that biofuel shaft you can cause quite an explosion!

I went down to the bottom of the shaft to hack into a console to cause an explosion to the shaft and also headshotting a number of stubborn soldiers dared to stop the Great Rico. After I hack the console, I was given limited time to get out of the hole before the shaft explodes. Fortunately, Rico got out alive and got to witness the grand explosion that signalled the end of a mission.

The bottom of the shaft

The Biofuel Shaft is destroyed

Bolo Santosi: Oh Scorpio. My hero! The people of Panau will raise statues in your honour. Comrade, I have some information for you. A group of independent rebels in the jungles are associated with one 'White Tiger' who fits the description of the american you are looking for.

Rico: Then let everyone know, I am looking for this White Tiger and I am prepared to pay for information.

Panau radio: Rumours that the infamous White Tiger terrorist and a serial killer has been seen in the Capital has been denied by the Chief of Police. The White Tiger is total fiction, the chief said today. And when he is captured, he will be executed without mercy. Also, rumours of rioting and chaos in the state of Panau today are completely false. [There will be chaos every day with Rico around.]

Rico took a helicopter and wreck havoc to the base before being shot down by SAM (Surface to Air missile)

I spent the duration of the video destroying government property, collecting the packs to complete the settlement. Signing off! Sejuk!

✅ Lembah Genting Tinggi Settlement completed!!!



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