Portrait Practice: Perla

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Hello everyone, in my continuous portrait practice I made this beautiful illustration of a beautiful woman, made on paper, with sepia pencil and with the blur used to soften the tones and create shadows, in addition to the use of rubber to give lights. This illustration is called Pearl.

Hola a todos, en mi continua práctica de retrato hice esta linda ilustración de una bella mujer, realizada en papel, con lápiz sepia y con el difumino utilizado para para suavizar las tonalidades y crear sombras, además del uso de la goma para dar luces. Esta ilustración recibe el nombre Perla.

Algunas imagen del proceso



sepia on paper

Viviana Villafañe

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I hope you like it, thanks. | Espero que les guste, gracias.



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This is a truly amazing work, dear @viviana28

Hello friend, thank you very much, your words encourage me to continue with my art, greetings

Beautiful work. I don't have the talent for painting or sketching. I'll just stick to loving art.

Hello!! Thank you very much, you enjoy doing it as much as appreciating it, thanks for visiting my art, greetings