Ink sketch of a frightened lady

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Today I would be sharing with you all an ink drawing of a frightened lady. Getting this drawing done took me a lot of time I really enjoyed every step in making this drawing. It's just like putting different things in place and then magic or what do you think. I've always loved drawing but I had no encouragement till I met my friend who showed me i could do better. He introduced me to this platform and promised to help improve my art works all thanks to him I'm here. Thanks for stopping by to read my post.

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Thanks for stopping by to read my post see you next time.


The lady seems terribly terrified by something. You have sketched her impression so well. Keep it up mate hope to see more great work from you :)

This is so lovely thank you so much. I had a thought that it was not goof good enough but your comment corrected that i really appreciate your comment.