Drawing A Portrait [1472]

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Hello everyone!

Today, I want to share with you my new art work. It's a random portrait drawing of a funny looking man with big eyes and baldhead.

I really love how the flow of my strokes worked together to build textures here.

The portrait was done with a blue ballpoint pen on a cardboard paper. I used scribble technique to create this piece.

Below are my step-by-step processes:





Thank you.


I love the expression on his face! Very well done on this one as well. Your talent is just unmatched. Keep well!

Thank you buddy. That expression is what caught my attention to sketch him. Glad you like it too👍

Your talent really inspires me everytime I see your drawings, but also your consistency and hard work! Keep it up!

The eyes look sos powerful my friend.
Great drawing as usual from you.

Thank you buddy 👍

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Thanks for the support. I really appreciate.

Nice work ...keep it up

Thank you!🤗

Funny look😅😅
Good job!

Hehe, oh yeah.
Thank you👍