Drawing A Portrait [1439]

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Hello everyone!

Today, I want to share with you my new art work. It's a random portrait drawing of a beautiful young woman with charming eyes.

Personally, I love the look in her eyes. There are lots of untold stories hiding there.

The portrait was done with a blue ballpoint pen on a cardboard paper. I used scribble technique to create this piece.

Below are my step-by-step processes:





Thank you.


Omo! Is the side look for me? 🙄😃 why is she not smiling

You drew her so well, Max

Thank you! I think she just felt that way😊

Looks like my course representative 😂😂😂.
Nice one boss

Lol, our show her to confirm na😄

Yeah 😂
Truly charming sir

Glad you noticed that👍

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Thanks for the support. I really appreciate.

This lady is really pretty even though she isn’t smiling
I love your works!

Yeah yeah, you got that right.

Such a beautiful art work here

Thank you bro.