Albert Einstein; A Caricature Imitation

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There was a time some two or three years back when piotrgrafik used to make caricature impressions and share them in this community. I always was intrigued by them and even commented one time that I would so love to try them out.

As the popular saying goes; 'Fortune favors the bold', I took matters into my own hands and took a first steep of imitation. I haven't fully grasp the concept but i'll keep at it till I am very close.

There is an Einstein bit from the Rick and Morty sitcom that I so love. If memory serves me right, it is from the first episode of the second season. This clip I am about to share though has some strong language so if you are not a fan, just enjoy the sight.

This impression however is from another artist whose name I don't know seeing as I got the reference from a brother and not feel free to leave your feedbacks below.


these are the outlines....






Thanks for making me part of your day and also for taking out time to read my post, it is really appreciated.