A Graphite Portrait; The Turban Man

in Sketchbook2 months ago

Recently I noticed that while drawing sometimes I skip a few steps (most especially the lineart) and this has happened twice in the space of 24 hours. This is strange to me cause I have hardly ever skipped capturing my lineart. To me it is the basic determinant of how the drawing would go.

As a result of this, I came to the conclusion that my mind is evolving and probably a new kind of approach is around the corner. Take this drawing for example, if you look closely you would notice I arrived at the kind of result my brother Timothy would even though my approach and technique is different.

I have always envied his use of depth in his works and when I do tell him he says I am holding back, that I should let loose. I don't think I have done that totally but I know I am well on my way to full power.


The process....





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This is really so amazing,I love it

I must say this is really beautiful and amazing. 🤩