Young boy (ink drawing)

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Greetings friends,
I would be sharing with all of you my new scribble drawing. I saw some freehand drawings and I wanted to try it out some of them this drawing appears to be one of those drawings. The sweet thing about drawing is that you build your image up from nothing. I've learnt a lot in the past few week and i think I have improved in some areas what do you think.

I began to draw out the eyes and nose with my black pen since my rough sketch is almost like the intend image only some adjustment needs to be made. I used the scrumbing shading technique for this drawing.
I want on to draw out the hair, mouth which was quite interesting the mouth and the eye brought about the nice look
The face was complete so i drew out the cloth and began to shade. The wonderful thing about art is the ability to shade, it brings anything to life.
And now i have a complete image to my taste. Reallly sorry for the little process i got carried away while making the drawing.
I've come to the end of my post for today, i want to know what you think of my drawing so drop your comments please. Thank you for stopping by love you all ❤️.

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