Little Vamp (ink drawing)

in Sketchbook7 months ago


Greetings friends, i made an ink drawing yesterdays evening of a little Vamp. When i say Vamp i meant Vampire, its really interesting thing could turn out. When i started this drawing i was really tried and with the notion that it would be pretty. But i guessed wrong and I'm happy i did. Vamps are interesting character aside the way they feed they can also do some amazing
stuff like hypnotizing someone, and so extraordinary abilities like super strength, super speed, some can even fly or turn to bats like Dracula. When making this drawing i made use of a 2B pencil to make the rough sketch, a black pen for the main sketch, and it was all drawn on an A4 paper.
I appreciate you all for taking your time to read my post , i would love to know you opinion so drop a comment bellow.

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