in CENT8 days ago

It's another day to start my hustling again. Today is bright here and I can see a lot of people going to their destinations and place of work. I'm at my workplace and there seem not to be much to do today that's why I'm able to take a picture of those walking and moving on the road. A lot of people keep talking about the downfall of cryptocurrency here and there and my ears are almost of full to the brim but I don't think complaining and gumming is the best thing to do at the moment.
I just want to be calm and take from fresh air not panicking that things would go wrong. I believe things would get back to how they used to be in few months and everyone would be happy again. I put much effort into my work and stopped thinking about the loses I made in the last few days.
Life is all about taking risks and doing the dangerous things. Even in this worst moment, we deserve to be happy and be ourselves.

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