Short Poem #002 - 003: Imperfect Me and The Letter...

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There are times in a day when I feel like scribbling something. I usually write my thoughts in a poem. A couple days back, I started collecting thoughts from my mind and make them into a single stanza poem. Here are what I wrote yesterday and today. :)


As I wrote my a post on my blog yesterday, I realized how lucky I am because despite my flaws, there are people who accepted me with open arms. :)

So I promised myself to become a better person by embracing my flaws and imperfections. ☺ I mean, how do we expect others to accept us when we, ourselves, find it hard to do so... xD


I wrote this short poem just a few minutes ago. While waiting for my student, I was checking out some drafts of the poems I wrote in the past... when suddenly, I caught a glimpse of an envelope with his letter in it. It was inserted in the notebook where I write random scribbles.

And so, Poem #3 was born! lol

I wonder if I'd be able to fill up this small notebook soon. I'd definitely need a new one. haha

Time to get ready for my next class. See you around!! ☺

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You write beautifully!!!

Thank you so much! 🥰🥰🥰

Wrote on Hello Kitty Paper. Wonderful.
Beautiful poem.


The only small notebook left in my drawer.. hahaha
Thank you!! :)

Please include your poems in text when you post in The Ink Well so that we can curate them. Many thanks!

I'll keep that in mind. Thank you! :)

Thank you :)