A Relaxing Sunday Night... with Painting and the Moon <3

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It was quite a busy weekend for me. I worked on Saturday, but was able to enjoy a movie with my mama at night. We watched the sequel to Enola Holmes. I'm going to talk more about it in my movie review one of these days. :)

Let's talk about my Sunday night!

The past months, I rarely had the chance to just sit down and enjoy painting or creating some artworks for fun or relaxation. That's why, last night, I decided to sit down and paint! <3

The painting on display in the picture was an old one. This was the last painting I did on my canvas pad.

I took out my art materials from my room and brought them to the dining table. This is my favorite place to paint because it's wide and I can place all my materials easily.

Well, before I share my painting last night, I'd like to say another reason why I decided to make my Sunday night an art night.

After washing the dishes, I took some garbage out of the house. When I looked up, the moon was so pretty. It was a gibbous moon, but it was so bright. I took a picture of it on my phone.

I know... the quality sucks, but it was indeed so beautiful. I especially like the color when I zoomed it and adjusted the brightness. It looks so pretty! It reminded me of a beautiful sunset... and that inspired me to paint even more~!

I prepped my canvas pad and placed some masking tapes around it to create a frame. I also prepared and mixed some colors in for my background. I only have primary colors (red, blue and yellow), black and white acrylic paint, so I usually just do some mixing.

Remember the moon's color? :)
With that in mind, I decided on this background. It'll be like a sunset type of scenery...

Using a toothbrush and toothpick, I created some stars... however, some of them looked like snow, so I decided to create a winter scenery. There isn't winter in my country, so I can only imagine it.

As for the scenery itself, I decided just making some silhouettes. I really like colorful backgrounds and silhouettes, so let's do that!

The center looked quite bare, so I decided to put the moon... <3

And since winter is often linked with Christmas, I decided to put something else on the moon... lol

Can you see it? Okay... let me show you a closer look!

There, here's the completed version and me... ^^

I'm so happy to get to paint leisurely again as it has been a while. After painting, I cleaned up the art materials I used... but I wanted to make a quick marker sketch or a fanart, and so I did.

I shared the process of this quick sketch on my post last night. You can check it out HERE.

After I cleaned up... I played some mobile games before finally hitting the sack. I had to run some errands earlier, so I decided to work tonight, instead. However, I'll be working the morning and afternoon shift from tomorrow. I want to be more productive with blogging and exercise at night... I'm trying to change my body clock these days. Wish me luck!!! hahaha

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Wow, this looks amazing, I love the process, the colours are on point, I like that you added the snow and trees. 🥰🥰

Yaaay!!! I'm glad you like it... It was a fun process to do... A colorful way to relax... 🥰🥰🥰

Yes it is.


You're a talented artist! I love the painting and your inspiration behind the painting

Thank you very much... I appreciate it... 🥰✨