WE107] Weekend-Engagement: what I would rather prefer


It is a privilege once more to be part of the weekend questions organise by @galenkp which is really awesome and interesting to delibrate on and to satisfy your weekend with your participation and contribution.

The questions as always is very interesting to share your part which is why I went for the question that says;

Would you rather work in a job you totally hate but pays you well or work in a job you love and find inspiring but the pay was low and you had to strictly budget your financial matters. Explain your answers.

I will like to share my experience working in an Indian company some years back in Nigeria. In the year 2011, I was employed in an Indian company as a casual worker where the company produces any packaging resources you can think of in covering goods and products and I was opportuned to work there.


The company had a lot of workers that were working there and to be sincere the salary was attractive and at the end of every month we do get paid without any story or excuses from the company but there's a problem.

The working condition there is very strict because the people in charge especially the Indians are very strict on the workers to work without resting because they believe if your not serious a lot of people are outside the gate waiting to be employed. So majority of us work under pressure without any other choice because the salary was good in solving most situation at hand and we have to endure and cope with the condition.

My aim was to gather a lot of savings because I had target to achieve a particular goal needed in solving situations financially so I had to endure as well. I was later promoted as a machine operator where I had to be in charge of machine that will be producing a lot of products to supply and in that state the pressure increases because I had to deliver as well regardless of how I was been threatened to be sacked I still endure in achieving my aim at the end of it.

My point is we are all entitled to our own opinion on the question like this because nobody wants to work under pressure likewise been controlled but we prefer working in a nice and condusive environment without stress. Now working in a good and condusive environment is really nice but when the pay is little it becomes a problem in some point where a lot of bills needs to be settled and working in such situations might not be really too condusive in financial aspect because it will affect. For instance your working in a company where you been paid $100 and the bills you have to pay is above $1000 it is definitely not condusive at some point but needs a rethink.

But in the situation of working in a company or environment where your not comfortable with but the pay is ok have to really make such individual to endure because it all work for a purpose and definitely is not a permanent job but needs to change someday but if it is capable of settling bills, is a personal situation to settle and not for the company because every action in the company starts and ends there and when your out it is your personal problem that is meant to handle which is the aim of working to eradicate such situation.



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