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Hello Hivers and Lions,

First of all, I want to say that I really love each of these communities. And even if I'm not really great for writing finance content I really love what LeoFinance is making.

Most of time it's easier to have a conversation with someone in comments in LeoFinance community than the others. And that is mostly thanks to the work of and his community. Like the initiative 10 that, from my view was mostly carried by some big accounts like @taskmaster4450, @onealfa.leo and @hitmeasap. Encouraging everyone to comment by upvoting it is a really great thing.

For me, that make feel better when you write your post and you know that people would have more chance to comment than before, even if it is to get rewards, it feels good to receive a great comment with interesting advice, questions or opinions.

For me, this leads to 2 serious problems.

  • The first is that now, even more than before, it seems that most of the post we can see on are related to it. Screenshot_20201115184426.jpgScreenshot_20201115184658.jpgScreenshot_20201115184714.jpg
    To prove it, I just need to say that this is exactly when I am doing right now !
  • A lot of people are trying to write comment only for getting upvotes and we can easily see it.

I know that, for the moment, the huge ammount of posts about leofinance is because they are still adding a lot of features and people are making posts to let know the changes to their followers who may not be aware of this changes and I really think this isn't a real problem. In a month the community made a lot of changes like wLeo which came back some days ago.

The problem is ther. If you're new to LeoFinance, the easier way to get rewards is to make post about LeoFinance. I saw that with @hitmeasap who made most of his posts about it. And fortunately they are one of the best I read, and now have 3000+LP. And he totally deserves it, the posts are complete and well wrote. He's active and involved in the life of this community !

But, in this community, it appears that if you're new the best way to earn Leo rewards is to make post about the platform. Otherwise you'll be like me, hitting 5 Leo of rewards for you best post when some get 50+ for copy-paste some stats from exchanges.
Obviously, the big accounts get big rewards even if the subject isn't Leofinance.

Let's take @taskmaster4450 for exemple. This is a huge account, he makes sometimes Leofinance related post but often others juste related with finance. And He totally deserves every votes he gets. Because as said before, this account is also one of the biggest participants in the community. After my last post I received a comment from him. And for sure, he's not making that comment only to get upvotes because i don't think he would have spent time to receive half of my 100% upvote worth 0.003Leo.

I often see posts saying the exact same thing I saw on another post about LeoFinance actuality and for me, this isn't giving any value to the community, this is just a way to earn more. I know that only represents a little fraction of the users and maybe it's just as much as there is on Hive or other DPoS.

You should think that I'm just jealous of these post which have a lot of rewards. And I'll respond you that... Yes probably. Because, even if I don't think I deserve a hundred Leo for my post, that's annoying to see people just showing how much their passive income are big and a lot of people in the comment just saying "Wow, this is a lot" and having upvotes for that.

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As long as there's hype about a project there will be lots of posts dedicated to the project. I see it as natural. None the less I can say that if you dig a bit more into the plethora of content on leofinance you will find out that there are quite many topics other than leo being discussed. I get your frustration though and my only word of advice for better curation is to engage more with people. Read what you like about and be active, share your views, attract attention upon your posts and for sure your posts will do better. Leofinance has just ignited its engines somehow with all the new stuff happening and more new users joining every day and the older users on the platform are keeping track of the progress and posting about. It's totally understandable when you're that much dedicated to the project. Don't quit though, golden times ahead.

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I totally agree with everything you said ! And I try to as much as possible !
It's not really a problem for me that people make posts about Leofinance ! And most of time this is helpful and has a real content !
I'm more annoyed by people that make post that means just "I made that money today" without adding anything more, no opinion, not even referral links or information about haw their app, bank or trading account works.
That was not planed for me to quit !
And after only few minutes I have my proof, this is already my post with the biggest LeoRewards !

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You see. @onealfa doesn't let anyone down and he sneaks on all of us... :)

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There are two points of view on this. You thoroughly explained the first viewpoint.

However, there is an alternative. While most of us are aware, at least to some degree, what is going on here, newer people will not. Thus, posts about Leofinance (and by extension Hive) seem like we are just "talking to ourselves". That said, we never know who will be reading these things.

Another aspect to this in my opinion is the excitement that is taking place. Many have been "walled" off on Hive without the opportunity to engage in comments and engagement. For now, most are expressing that.

Finally, it is simply a numbers game. We have an excess, in terms of percentage, of people who are long time people on Hive. Few, thus far, are outsiders. It will take drawing those in to change the type of content we see.

For example, look at the number of posts related to crypto as compared to finance in general. We see very few non crypto topics on here. Certainly, there is nothing wrong with that, since we can cater to a strong market with crypto.

In my view, it is better to get people involved as opposed to many not posting. The reality is few know a great deal about finance, at least to post about it. So sharing their excitement and experience, even if it is only about Leofinance, is better than nothing.

Are some doing it for rewards? Perhaps. But that too will fade over time if I had to guess.

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i am long enough in these platforms (steemit,hive,leo), almost 4 years long to tell you that you are completely right. The sad but true thing is that it's a matter of human nature that's why it's hard to cast it aside.

People want the easy way in everything which isn't bad, as we got to this point we are now in terms of tech, health etc etc but we need to understand that this isn't applied to everything.

Long story sort it's the same as in steemit and hive and now Leo. The main reason behind all these Leo posts are money. Not excitement not amazement, simply money and i think after a while it's easy for most to understand it. Ofc nobody will admit it but i think it's our duty to make them understand or cast them aside.

There are some cases that people are excited about it and wanna share it with the community but excitement comes from a new feature, a new development, a huge token pump, it's not daily to the extent it is shown. Someone who posts only about Leo or Hive in my opinion does it for solely for money.

I hate as well those posts that it's simply a chart with 50 words and they earn huge amounts of Leo but the only thing that we can do is don't support those kind posts, which i do...

Finally, i consider myself as someone who doesn't post about Leo regularly. I have 15 posts in Leo. From them 3-4 are about Leo and among them we are about milestone posts like my first post in leo or when i reached 1k LP.

Thus, i try to post content that i enjoy making, quite lengthy to be honest that's not earning much. I don't care though i decided that i will enjoy what i post and not doing it for money as well as that i will only upvote and follow authors that i am interested in their posts!

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That's how I try to act myself the most as I can !

Making some posts about the platform isn't a problem, especially here where the platform is a blockchain so it's more important than any other social media, I hope nobody would make a Facebook post about how great this is going.

I think that just placing a chart and putting some words shouldn't be a post, leo-stats probably make it better. As I use actifit, if I have somethings to show about the platform but isn't big enough to make a post in my opinion, I place it a the end of my activity reports, just to don't make more posts with only 4-5 lines of text.

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