Ecency 3.0.14

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Ecency made a new Update some time ago. One word to say : Great.

@good-karma asked me for a review of the update but I was already being using it and I said to me that it was much better !

Most of the little problem are really disappearing at each new update and all the big ones that I told you at my first post about the app are already gone since a long time.

Now using the app is really smooth and easy !

First of all, the tags and buttons are now shown properly and it makes them less noticeable, which is a great thing, you can now put all your attention on the users' content !


The problem about image ration is also gone !

Indeed the team changed the format of the thumbnail to be able to adapt himself with the first image of the post's format.


You can clearly see it on this @hive-143869 post which has a particular format which is totally respected !

Some of the pictures are still cropped but it's when they have a particularly unusual ratio. Often when they are too high.

The app is also much faster that it used to be. Switching from an account to an other isn't causing any problem. I don't have to restart the app anymore (it happens sometimes but My phone is in cause).

You don't have to wait two secondes between two clicks and that's really appreciated !

This post is smaller because there is no much things to say except, everything is going in the right way with Ecency and I'm happy to use it !


Thanks for this update

Thank you for checking back and confirming fixes. We are still working on boosting performance, apparently some Androids had slowness, not sure if reports are coming from previous version, regardless improving performance is always a good thing! 😊

The app is really becoming fast for me. Faster that what I can have on Leofinance with my phone for exemple

 last year (edited)

Hi! :)
It's a little faster, but there's still work to be done. :)

Thanks for the beer. Unfortunately they are out of stock 😥

Yes there's some things to improve, but there is a huge change since my first post only two months ago. And there is mostly details left to be done now

It's good to know that it's constantly getting better. I've noticed an improvement. Thank you!

You're welcome ! 😁

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Thank you !