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Heard that Steem is planning a secret Hard Fork 23 in the next couple of days.

I learnt from @netuoso's following tweet that code for this HF-23 is not available for review to the public:


But rumours have it that this hard fork may reduce the power down period to 30 days from current 13 weeks. We don't know anything for concrete yet, whether the power down period will be changed or not; or whether it will be changed to 7 days or 4 weeks. However if we go by the rumours and if power down period is actually changed to 4 weeks, then we can expect good sell pressure on STEEM and a lot of Buy orders for HIVE. Most of the Hivers have been waiting for their STEEM power down to convert them into HIVE. So I expect a rush for selling STEEM and in buying HIVE as soon as this power down is available..

This should lead a sort of mini Bull run for Hive. Even if this news turns out to be false, we can expect a positive movement in HIVE because if we go by the crypto lingo, we should buy the rumour and sell the news.

However, it's already been two months to Hive hardfork and many have already got their 8-9 weeks of powered down STEEM, so reducing the period to one month now may not make much sense to these people. But there are many who were a bit late in starting their power down.

But we don't know what other sinister move is planned by making this HF secret. We can't think anything positive as if it were something positive, it could have easily made public and they need not jeopardize the fundamental principles of dPoS governance.

I don't know how Exchanges are responding to it but Blocktrades has already announced the disabling of support to STEEM from May 19th onwards. Because according to rumours, the Hardfork is scheduled for May 20th.

I'm looking forward to that date.
STEEM-HIVE saga continues...

Keep enjoying the ride!

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We will see I still think we should be focusing on getting more members cause with 10k on paper it’s probably more like 3k active users and we don’t have much of a future unless we grow

Seems something like a chicken and an egg puzzle to me

I can’t control the market but I can bring people onboard!

Get those Japanese girls on hive boyyyy....

Thanks! I still have delegated steem and I must ask our team whether we wanna stay on steem or not.

I guess team will like to continue on both platforms until we find a perfect opportunity to cash out of Steem. But we need to keep an eye on what exactly is the Steem's plan ...esp. with such hardforks.

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Thanks for sharing this bro....
I think a lot of steem will be dumped because of this or maybe because of the FUD and rumors.
Although I believe that somewhat hive will be dumped in the long run. Because a lot of people have invested in steem and hive both and if they see steem dropping too much, they may lose trust and dump both.
What do you think about it?

Well, anything can happen in the short run and you know better than me on it. But in the long run, market will recognize the value and should catch up with the better one of these. Although HIVE & STEEM are based on the same code, their prices don't move in tandem to each other. So I don't see any ripple effect of STEEM dump on HIVE prices. And even if it happens, it will be for short term. For investors to lose trust, price dump should be followed by a huge bear run, imo.

You see, STEEM is still holding on its rates in spite of the Hive fork out. STEEM investors will like to hold because they have a lot of faith in JS's marketing (pumping) talent and they will probably get some chances. However Justin Sun, at the moment, is busy in launching & marketing JST / USDJ, JST is still struggling to reach one cent even when its airdrop is just 2 days away. But STEEM opportunist will like to wait for their turn to cash out.

On the contrary, HIVE is a value proposition and I don't know where it will go in the mid-term. If the community is able to get done the necessary tasks, developments and improvements, it can do several folds better than STEEM.

Then there is only one way for hive to go.


Speculation in action! ;)

It is going to be interesting. The code is closed which is a major concern. Of course, this is not out of the realm of what has taken place the last few months.

There could be a major run on STEEM if the powerdown time is reduced.

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