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RE: We Need Centralized HIVE Accounts!

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100% with you ! I know we are decentralized but I am astonished by the lack of leadership and personal investment (time and planning mostly) of our top stakeholders.

Are they fine with HIVE going to 0? When you see what other smaller size projects are doing, we are close to slowly dying...

Cheers and I hope some big stakeholder will read this :D


I am astonished by the lack of leadership and personal investment

There is no better place to prove this other than DHF itself. Luckily some very good projects got funding. But here is a list of potentially great projects that are below the Return Proposal:

I also remember @dapplr having so much difficulty getting funded and they never got the 500 HBD/Day proposal funded AFAIK. I'm honestly surprised by the amount of stupidyty a person needs to conjure up to not support @dapplr @ecency and @hive-engine as soon as possible while we have the chance to be in the market before the masses come. But we have too many idiots counting pennies that tragically fail to see the opportunity cost of waiting for mobile apps and DeFi.

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I guess quello is dead now. It is really stupid that @dapplr did not get required support but I am happy they are able to release their app.

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That's why I'm powering down hive and buying LEO...

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