STEEM is Trading At 40% Discount - Perfect Arbitrage Opportunity on Internal Market

in LeoFinance13 days ago was giving me a 502 Bad Gateway error and a little while ago it started working back again. I sold the bit of SBD I had as usual to buy more DEC. I sold my STEEM at slightly above 0.1 SBD and wondered wehter I should write about STEEM price being lower than HIVE in a long time. Soon I had o come back and screenshot this:


I Saw Trades Below 0.1 HBD

I couldn't properly save my screenshot and I missed the opportunity to capture what was at the bottom of the "Trade History". The reason I came back for these screenshots was what I saw on @coingecko


The discount I got was only 39% off. But some got even better deals. For those who doubt the math, here is a screenshot from my calculator:

Quick Math.png

Early Bird Catches The Worm

I will continue to post about these incredible trading opportunities. All you have to do is a stick around. You can upvote if you find the tips useful and I urge you not to be too greedy and share the news around.

Happy Investing!

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We still have a 20% - 25% discount left. It's still not late to sell you SBD



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Hi @vimukthi, I think STEEM will reach 1$ again... What do you think about it?